A REUNION of Cradley school chidlren from the 1970s is being held after a Facebook group mushroomed with popularity.

The Fatherless Barn Kids Facebook page quickly garnered over 500 members who were swapping tales about life around Cradley in days gone by.

Stories included running through the fields, watching cows being killed in the slaughterhouse behind the butchers on Furlong Lane, playing kiss chase, riding Choppers,watching The Stud at the cinema nicknamed the Flea Pit, Friday afternoon discos at Homer Hill as well as sharing memories of local people who have passed away in the intervening years. Next Friday hundreds of people will descend on Wilson Hall, Colley Gate, for a reunion which see friendships re-acquainted to the sounds of Slade and Northern Soul.

Fatherless Barn Kids group member Michelle Lane was amazed how many people got in touch to share photos and memories of Cradley.

She said: “Within two weeks there were over 500 members sharing experiences and some excellent photos.

“And what the page taught me is how diverse everyone is, some have never left the area, whilst some are living further afield in Australia “It allowed friendships that had been lost to be re kindled and we are looking forward to the reunion at the Wilson Hall, Colley Gate on Friday, November 30 at 7.30pm.”

The reunion is aimed at former pupils of Homer Hill Primary School between the years of 1975 and 1977.