A BESOTTED crook has been jailed for a burglary in Cradley Heath despite a plea for another chance because he had fallen in love.

At Wolverhampton Crown Court, Jason Jones, of Vicarage Road, Lye, who clocked up 56 burglaries, was put behind bars for a year.

Harbinder Lally, for Jones, said his client had an appalling record for breaking into commercial premises but he had finally met the woman of his dreams.

He added the 41-year-old now realised that with a new partner in his life he had to change as he stressed he could no longer keep carrying out burglaries.

Mr Lally said: "Jones knows he can't keep doing this forever. He has got to nip it in the bud if he is to stay out of prison in the future."

Mr Lally gave Judge Michael Dudley a "heartfelt" letter from his partner who made it clear she "saw some good" in Jones.

Mr Lally added: "He realises he has a terrible record for persistent offending," as he maintained Jones had finally learned his lesson and he wanted to put his life back onto the tracks.

But the judge said Jones's raids in the past, which mostly involved business premises, had caused a great deal of hassle for the owners of the properties.

He said: "They have to repair the damage when their time could be better spent producing whatever they produce."

He ruled he would not give Jones another chance because he had committed his latest offence just weeks after being given a community order by Dudley Magistrates for burglaries he carried out in June and July.

The judge said: "You cannot carry on in life like this, it will be much more sensible for you to settle down with your new partner."

Helena Miller, prosecuting, said Jones forced his way into factory premises in Portersfield Road, Cradley Heath, and he was arrested after police surrounded the building. He told police: "I have been so stupid."

Jones, she went on, had a criminal record going back to 1985 when he committed his first burglary and had 55 separate previous convictions.