A BLITZ on potholes has been launched by Sandwell Council following the deluge of mini-craters that have opened up on the borough's roads as a result of the recent snow and rain.

Two four-man squads have been assigned on a find and fix operation, filing holes as they come across them.

Deputy leader Councillor Steve Eling said they would concentrate on main routes and he anticipates the whole borough could be covered in around eight days.

"Keeping our roads safe and free of potholes is a priority service and that is why we have acted so quickly now that the bad weather has gone,” he said, adding: "These squads will be deployed on the service and will be on the road all day. As they find a pothole they will deal with it.

"These is no logging it and doing the job a week later, this is immediate action."

But drivers and pedestrians in Halesowen and Cradley who come across potholes must report them to the council if they want them filled as the borough council is not running a find and fix scheme.

Councillor Judy Foster, Dudley’s cabinet member for transportation, said: “We are currently carrying out daily repairs to carriageways and footpaths that are both part of our programmed works and following reports from the public.”

Cll Eling said it was not possible to say how much Sandwell’s new service would cost as that could only be assessed at the end of the programme.

People can report potholes to Dudley Council by ringing 0300 555 2345.