RESIDENTS fear someone could be killed by speeding, oversized lorries which hurtle along a Cradley Heath road.

More than 80 homeowners have signed a petition calling on Sandwell Council to design traffic calming and signage to deter HGVs from using Waterfall Lane as a short cut to Halesowen and Merry Hill.

Jackie Lloyd, who moved to a bungalow in the road three years ago, has already had an out-of-control car career into her garden, stopping just six feet from her bedroom.

Vehicle weights are restricted to 7.5 tonnes, except for access, but Mrs Lloyd said large articulated lorries, coaches and low loaders blatantly flaunt the rule and regularly break the 30mph speed limit.

“I am terrified that next time a lorry will plough into my property" she said, adding: "This road was never meant for such heavy goods vehicles and high speeds. Residents have been complaining about this matter for decades, nothing has been done and conditions have grown worse and worse. Does someone have to die before this matter is taken seriously?"

Mrs Lloyd, aged 58, said she could not estimate the speed of the lorries, but on occasion has only managed to write down part of the number plate of offending vehicle before they have disappeared out of sight.

“It’s a 1 in 7 hill with two bends and despite lots of complaints to the council and the police over the years, nothing has been done.

“The occassional delivery is not a problem, but most of them have no need to come down here, they should go along Powke Lane or Gorsty Hill,” said Mrs Lloyd.

The petition was submitted to last week’s Blackheath Neighbourhood Forum and will be presented to Sandwell Council on March 5 by ward councillor Malcolm Bridges.

Mrs Lloyd said residents were expecting neighbourhood services cabinet member Councillor Ian Jones to take “decisive and urgent action.”

She added: “"We will not let this matter lie.”