A KINDHEARTED businessman has saved the day by coming forward with a venue for Sandwell Mind’s annual disco after reading an appeal in the Halesowen News.

Kully Rattu made his offer after reading the disco could have to be axed because a venue could not be found.

The event is the social highlight of the year for the charity’s user group People In Mind (PIM) - giving hundreds of service users with mental health problems a rare chance to meet up.

Mr Rattu has said the event, in May, can be held at the Woodlands Street Members Club in Smethwick.

He said: “Sandwell Mind does such a great deal of positive work within the community and the people who use its services deserve an opportunity to have a great night out and I am delighted we can help.”

PIM Co-ordinator, Kirstie Barnes, said: “Mr Rattu contacted us near enough straight away and after he told us about his venue it sounded perfect and exactly what we were looking for.

“I would also like to thank everyone else who contacted us to offer venues and other support it really was appreciated.

“It would have been disastrous if the disco had been cancelled as for some isolated people with mental health illness, the PIM Disco will be their only night out.”

PIM which represents all of Sandwell Mind’s -800 plus - service users and allows them the opportunity to have their say on how the charity is run, including suggestions for new activities and workshops and improving current services.