FORMER Conservative councillor Adrian Turner has resigned from the Conservative Party.

Mr Turner blamed the bad blood within the Dudley Conservative Party which recently saw Mr Turner's parents Councillors Ken and Hazel Turner leave the party as part of the reason for his departure.

Mr Turner joined the Conservative Party in 1997 and represented Lye and Wollescote from 2004 until 2012.

He said: "Due to recent events and the continued victimisation that has been experienced by myself and family, i have no alternative than to resign with immediate effect from the Conservative Party.

"I became a member of the Party believing it was a party of opportunity for all. I have since realised that it is merely an illusion."

He added: "I do not have pots of money, I work hard for my income and cannot profess to be either a Mason or a member of a golf club.

"I cannot allow this situation to continue affecting my health and happiness, more importantly the happiness of those who matter to me. "Therefore my decision is made for me by the actions of others who made me less welcome than a pig wearing a Baggies shirt in a mosque by the Molineux."

He added: "To those who remain that are decent people, you have my sympathy and admiration for loyalty. To the others, I will watch your decline into oblivion locally with a wry smile."