A WINTER rise in motorcycle thefts in Oldbury has led police in Sandwell to warning bikers to start and end every journey with security in mind.

Since November 1 there have been 60 offences in Sandwell with Oldbury among the worst areas hit.

Detective Sergeant Sam Jones, from West Bromwich CID, said: "We have increased uniformed and plain clothes patrols in key areas and have made several arrests since this recent spike in theft of motorbikes.

"Some of the bikes are being stolen for so-called joy-riding and we believe that others are being broken down for parts.

"Motorbikes and scooters are an easy target for thieves if they are not secured, as they can be picked up and put into a van in seconds."

"I would urge anyone with a motorbike to really consider how they secure it and encourage them to watch our short YouTube video made by colleagues in Dudley. There are some simple hints and tips which could prevent your motorcycle from being stolen."

The video with the hints and tips can be viewed on the West Midlands Police YouTube channel at www.youtube.com.

Anyone with information should phone 101, or anonymously on Crimestoppers 0800 555 111.