THOSE feeling under the weather during the festive period are encouraged to choose their health services wisely and avoid unnecessary trips to A&E.

The borough has a range of NHS services available to help people facing a variety of illnesses and injuries including pharmacies, GP practices, out-of-hours service and walk-in centres.

Anyone feeling a little run down with a Christmas cold should stay at home, take pain-relieving paracetamol, stay well hydrated and rest.

An allergic reaction to new perfume, aftershave or cosmetics can be assessed by a pharmacist who can provide medication to help alleviate the symptoms.

Pharmacists can also provide remedies for indigestion caused by over-indulgence but if stomach ache persists, GPs can offer advice for the best course of investigation and treatment.

Care should be taken while using a sharp knife to carve the turkey, but anyone who does have a mishap and is left with a fairly deep and bleeding cut, can visit a walk-in centre or minor injuries unit where they can be treated if necessary.

Suspected sprained ankle or wrist following a trip or fall, can also be assessed at a walk-in centre.

To find local pharmacies and walk-in centres, visit