THANKS to Stourbridge shoppers, a local opticians has managed to raise a spec-tacluar £500 for the neonatal unit at Russells Hall Hospital, Dudley.

For the past two months, staff at the High Street branch of Specsavers, have been fundraising and collecting donations for the unit, with strong support from the local community.

The team also arranged a balloon race recently, which raised more than £40 and saw the winning entry make its way to all the way to the Welsh borders.

Terry Tam, store director, said: "We received an overwhelming response and some great encouragement from our last fundraising day, which was wonderful as it meant we could continue to raise money for the charity."

Karen Phillips, the hospital's fundraising manager, added: "We’re hugely grateful for the time and effort the staff at Specsavers Stourbridge have gone to over the past two months.

"The money which the team has raised will go towards helping vulnerable babies and supporting their parents at such a worrying time."