DETERMINED to dispel the myth that heart disease only affects men, the British Heart Foundation has launched a virtual support group for women.

The charity hopes the online hub will be a comfort to the thousands of women in the West Midlands who are living with a heart or circulatory condition.

The Women’s Room features stories of  women living with heart disease and offers practical information to help women adjust to life with a heart condition, such as how to tell colleagues, family and friends, how to deal with work issues and what to do if they’re worried about their finances.

Maureen Talbot, senior cardiac nurse at the charity, said: “Coronary heart disease kills nearly three times as many women as breast cancer. Yet as a society we continue to prop up the myth that heart problems are just for men.

"Everything from TV adverts to soap plotlines show men with heart conditions. But it’s incredibly rare to hear about a woman with heart disease.

“As a result women often feel very isolated when they’re diagnosed with a heart condition. We want to shout from the rooftops that if you’re a woman living with heart disease you are not alone.

"Our Women’s Room can give you the ‘informational hug’ you need and introduce you to other women, just like you.”

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