VOLUNTEERS from several Halesowen and Cradley churches have formed a team to take Bible stories into schools.

Newfield Park Primary School, Halesowen, and Colley Lane Primary School, Cradley, are the first schools to take advantage of the Open the Book Team.

Reverend Katryn Leclézio, from St Peter's Church in Cradley, believes modern children have less knowledge of the bible than previous generations.

She said: “Knowing the stories of the bible is very important not only to a life of faith but also to understanding British culture and literature.

“Because people don’t have to go to church anymore and there are many other things to do on a Sunday, we are finding that children no longer have basic bible literacy."

She added: "We are thrilled that schools are welcoming this initiative to restore a measure of bible literacy to our young people.”

“Open Book is a win-win for schools and churches."

The volunteers reading the bible stories are also enjoying interacting with the school pupils.

Rev Leclézio said: "The adults all seem to enjoy the challenge and the children appear to be very receptive.

"The simplicity of the procedure enables the message to be delivered with dignity and understanding.”