A £750,000 scheme to stop homes and a road flooding in Romsley has been completed by Severn Trent Water.

A number of houses in St Kenelm’s Road were hit by flood water because the sewers were not big enough to cope with high rain fall.

Chris Kelsey, Severn Trent Water’s programme manager said the work involved making the sewer pipes larger so they will be less likely to overflow in wet weather.

During the work, it emerged there were also problems with the highway drains, causing St Kenelm’s Road to also flood and these have now been replaced by Worcestershire County Council.

Mr Kelsey said: “A water and gas pipe also had to be moved because of the sewer improvement work, so we made sure that this was all done as quickly as possible to minimise disruption to our customers.”

He said Severn Trent worked closely with the county council, South Staffordshire Water and National Grid to ensure minimal disruption to home owners and road users.

“The changes we’ve made should make a difference to our customers living nearby, who are less likely to have flooding problems for a long time to come,” added Mr Kelsey.