THE Oldbury murderer who went on the run last year after escaping from jail has been handed a further six-month sentence for absconding.

Lifer Alan Giles, aged 56, escaped from HMP Hewell on October 28 and evaded capture until November 6 when he was apprehended in Alcester.

Giles admitted escaping from lawful custody and was sentenced at Worcester Crown Court.

Giles absconded while serving two life sentences for the 1995 kidnap and murder of 16-year-old Quinton student Kevin Ricketts.

He was jailed in 1997 and given a 19 year tariff.

Following his escape from HMP Hewell a manhunt was launched with up to 50 officers scrambled to find him.

More than 100 potential sightings were received from members of the public, all of which were followed up.

Police closed in on Alcester after several sightings of Giles in that area on November 6.

Giles tried to flee down an alley but was arrested after two members of the Special Constabulary gave chase.

Detective Inspector Stephen Tonks of West Mercia Police said: “During the nine days or so that Giles was missing there was a great deal of concern in the community, particularly in North Worcestershire where the prison is and in Warwickshire where most of the sightings were.

“We are extremely grateful to members of the public who rang in with sightings and for the hard work and commitment of the officers from West Mercia, Warwickshire and neighbouring forces."

He added: “In particular praise needs to go to the two officers who caught Giles and this case is an excellent example of the valued contribution that specials make.

"An off-duty police community support officer who cycled in from home to join the search after a member of the public knocked on his door also deserves to be singled out for his dedication to duty.”

Giles, who had been living rough while on the run, would have been eligible for consideration for parole this year.