A WORLD-leading company is going green with a massive installation of solar heating roof panels at its Halesowen headquarters.

Mapei , the UK subsidiary of the world’s largest manufacturer of adhesives, sealants and chemical products for buildings, wants to save on C02 emissions and reduce its energy bills.

Department of Energy and Climate Change figures reveal the installation is in the top 20 largest commercial roof top mounted systems in the UK. Engineering manager Lee Manford said the company has a policy for ethics and green production to help reduce costs and add to their support towards eco-sustainability.

The Steel Park Road factory aims to generate enough power from the sun to generate enough electricity to produce about a fifth of its total consumption. Anything produced outside working hours will be fed back into the grid.

Mr Manford said: “We are members of the UK Green Building Council and it is vital for us to contribute towards an eco-friendly environment.

“The solar PV roof installation focuses on both our corporate philosophy and environmental friendly principles to be more energy efficient.”

All internal manufacturing and warehouse lighting have also been upgraded to high frequency energy efficient lighting with intelligent switching.