THE Sandwell Aquathlon is being held in Cradley Heath this Spring and organisers promise it will be bigger and better than ever before.

Swimmers from across the country will descend on Haden Hill Leisure Centre and Park for the Aquathlon on Sunday, April 6.

The event is part of the Sandwell Festival of Triathlon which also includes the Sandwell Open Water Aquathlon on Sunday, May 11, the Sandwell Triathlon on June 29, the Jodie Stimpson Aquathlon on August 3 and the Sandwell Off Road Triathlon on August 17.

The event was launched in 2010 as the Tipton Aquathlon and was held at Tipton baths until it was taken over by Oldbury Swimming and Triathlon Club last year.

A spokesman for OSTC said: "Knowledge, experience and participant feedback led to a number of changes for the 2013 event including date, location, format as well as adding relays and a challenging full sprint distance to this novice event.

"The event received great reviews and won Best Triathlon Event of the Year and the 2014 event will have additional places for the the Sprint Distance and a separate early presentation."

Contestants in the top category will have swim 16 lengths of Haden Hill Swimming Pool and then tackle a 5kilometre run through Haden Hill Park. There are shorter swims and runs for other categories.

The OSTC spokesman added: "The finish line is in front of Haden Hill house, where they will be welcomed with a finisher's medal, drink and a big round of applause from the spectators.

"The children go after the adults with the only difference being how far they swim and run being different for each age group."

He added: "As part of encouraging new participants into the sport of Triathlon, Oldbury STC encourage those who feel either their swimming or running is currently not up to a suitable level to form a relay team with others in a similar position."

Entrance fees for the Aquathlon are £10 for novices, £12 for adult sprinters, £8 for youngsters and children and £4 extra for relay teams.

None BTF members will be charged £1 children, £3 adult for a TE day race licence. For more information visit