CHILDREN will be able to walk like an Egyptian at an Old Hill church's holiday bible club this half term.

The Spring Meadow Baptist Chapel has chosen an Egyptian theme for its holiday club with children learning more about the country and its role in the bible.

Classes will be held on Wednesday, February 19, Thursday, February 20 and Friday, February 21 from 10am until 12.45pm.

Neil Sheldon, youth leader at Spring Meadow Baptist Chapel, said: "There will also be an awards evening and Pharaoh’s feast on Friday evening from 6pm to 7pm to which all ‘mummies and daddies’ are invited.

"Both boys and girls aged 5-12 are invited to take part in a range of activities from crafts to bible stories and singing to competitions."

He added: "In advance of the holiday club several assemblies are being held in local schools."

For more information about the bible class phone Neil Sheldon on 07787 726 333