AN OLDBURY woman has handed herself into police after a racially fuelled altercation on the Tube in London sparked a nationwide appeal.

British Transport Police circulated an image of the woman after a young family were abused on Saturday, November 20 on the Northern Line tube train.

Detective Constable Dick Mortimer, the investigating officer, said: “The victim, a 31-year-old man from Barnet, boarded the northbound train at Tottenham Court Road London Underground station with his wife, who was carrying their young child.

“A passenger offered his seat to the victim’s wife, which resulted in another female passenger complaining."

He added: “The woman, who was travelling with three other people, made racially abusive comments towards the family.

“Two men, who were travelling with the woman, then grabbed the victim by his shoulders and pushed him.”

“The group, who all spoke with a Midlands accent, left the train at Euston and we believe they then travelled on a train to the West Midlands.”

British Transport Police announced today a woman from Oldbury had handed herself into a police station in the West Midlands.

She was not arrested, British Transport Police officers are preparing to interview her.