A CARING teenager who spent his pocket money on sand to make an icy alleyway in Cradley Heath safe has been rewarded for his community efforts.

Jordan Blakeway, aged 16, has received the Outstanding Young Citizen Award from Police and Crime Commissioner Bob Jones and Sandwell mayor Linda Horton.

He has also been made an honorary Snow Champion by Sandwell Council.

Jordan impressed his family and friends last winter when he spent £10 on a bag of sand to help clear his neighbours’ drives when it snowed.

He noticed the alleyway nearby was also icy and went out early in the morning to put the sand down before he went to school.

Jordan’s mum Lisa posted a photo on the council’s Facebook page of him clearing the ice and snow in the alleyway close to his home in Primrose Close.

The photo quickly went viral and picked up 16,5000 likes from across the world.

New Snow Champion Jordan now has a high-vis jacket, two tubs of salt and a shovel to help in his community if it snows. He joins 6,500 people across Sandwell who are already Snow Champions.

Jordan, who went to Ormiston Forge Academy, wants to get into the pest control business and is currently looking for training or a job in the industry.

He said: "I was really surprised about the award and I'm pleased that that I'm a proper Snow Champion now.

"Everyone has been really nice and I've had lots of people commenting on Facebook saying what a good thing it was to do.

"I'll be helping people again this year if we get any snow using the shovel and the salt the council has given me."

Mr Jones praised Jordan for showing “great commitment to his neighbours and his community”.

Sandwell Council leader Councillor Darren Cooper added: “I was so impressed by Jordan’s thoughtfulness that I wanted him to be an honorary Snow Champion.

"We don’t usually let under 18s sign up, but we’ve made a special exception for Jordan. He’s very sensible and he knows what he’s doing clearing snow and ice after his hard work last year."

Mayor of Sandwell Councillor Linda Horton and West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner Bob Jones present Jordan Blakeway with his award, with mum Lisa Blakeway.