A TEENAGER was zapped to the ground by an electric charge from a Taser-type weapon and then beaten up when violence flared at a Cradley Heath party.

The 17-year-old was pounced on by a gang in the back garden of the house in Haden Hill Road and struck "numerous times."

Mr Oliver Woolhouse, prosecuting at Wolverhampton Crown Court, described how Kieran Horton had been chatting with people outside the property when he was set upon by some of the people he had seen earlier.

He said: "He was struck on the face and shoulder with a cosh or baton and he fell to the floor after receiving an electric shock from the Taser-type device."

The assault was brought to an end by some of the other partygoers and those responsible ran away from the scene.

Mr Horton had to be taken to hospital for treatment for a fractured collar bone. he also had two teeth broken and marks to his body where the Taser-type device had come into contact with his skin.

Vito Chander, 19 of Monmouth Drive and 20 year old Jack Flood of Huntington Road, both Hateley Heath, West Bromwich admitted affray on the basis they took part in the incident but were not armed or responsible for any of the injuries.

Mr Woolhouse added: "They admit attending the party and joining in after the fight started.

"They did not have a weapon but it is clear others did. They accept responsibility for the injuries in that they were part of the group although they did not cause them."

The two defendants both admitted affray and they were each given 9 months detention at a Young Offenders Institution suspended for 18 months and told to do 120 hours unpaid work in the community .

Judge Michael Challinor further told them they must pay a combined £2,000 compensation to the victim.

He said: "You joined in a fight you did not start.

"You were fighting thoughtlessly and stupidly and you did not intend to cause the injuries that were suffered. You have both learned your lesson."

Miss Sarah Allen for Flood said the offence had cost him his job adding: "This is a sad situation that happened when a young man went out and got drunk."

Mr Gurdeep Garcha defending Chander told the court he was deeply ashamed of his actions.

He said: "This is a serious case stemming from a momentary aberration. It was a stupid and grave mistake."