A RETIRED Halesowen teacher has become the face of a cheeky new poster campaign that aims to encourage people to get to know their bodies to help diagnose cancer earlier.

Angela Daniels signed up for Cancer Research UK’s new Spot Cancer Sooner campaign which uses real people describing parts of their bodies in humorous ways.

The 59-year-old former Newfield Park Primary School teacher, appears on a poster with the message: “They’re a bit pear-shaped now, but still peachy”.

The West Midlands-wide campaign aims to encourage people to know what is normal for their bodies so they are more likely to notice unusual or persistent changes that could be signs of cancer.

Mrs Daniels said: “I think it’s really important to know your own body and not be embarrassed to talk about it.

“I would say we are as conscious as anyone. I watch medical programmes on television and I also go for breast screening, which helps bring it home to you how important it is to check.

“So I am quite aware of my body and keep a watch out for anything unusual.”

Mrs Daniels, of The Hawnelands, is used to being in the limelight as a seasoned performer with The Crescent Theatre, Birmingham, and a past member if various operatic societies.

She said she was “excited” about appearing on the poster, which is being displayed in places such as train stations, bus stops, shopping centres and public toilets.

Mrs Daniels, who expects her family and friends will have a giggle when they see it, was selected following two days of filming in Bimingham in December.

She and husband Tony also have an interest in cancer research through their daughter Charlie, aged 23. Who is studying for a Phd in radiologuyat Cambridge University, looking at cancer cells.

“That is part of the reason why I wanted to get involved in this campaign for Cancer Research UK. It’s a very worthwhile thing and I am really happy to be involved,” added Mrs Daniels.

There will also be a digital and social media campaign to ensure the message reaches the widest possible audience.