A BIG-hearted Halesowen boy had his first haircut at the age of six - and raised more than £400 for charity, Alfie Harley took the plunge to have his distinctive long curly red locks chopped off for the HelpHarryHelpOthers charity, set up by Birmingham boy Harry Moseley, who died from a brain tumour aged 11.

Mum Diane said: “He had never had a haircut, he just wanted long hair. Then suddenly, out of the blue he wanted it cut off.

She said even though Harry, who won the heart of the nation with his fundraising campaign and the beaded bracelets he made and sold, died in 2011, Alfie felt he would still be helping him by raising money for the fund.

“He’s quite a sensitive little soul,” said Mrs Harley, of Long Lane, adding: “Everybody liked his hair - they said it wouldn’t be Alfie without long hair. He looks so different, it is like looking at a different child.”

Friends, family, Mrs Harley’s work colleagues and dad Gary’s pool team at the town’s Full Moon pub sponsored Alfie’s hair-raising challenge, which netted £460.