COUNCIL chiefs in Sandwell are sending out a ‘camera car’ to tackle illegal parking and improve road safety outside schools and on school routes.

The move follows growing complaints about inconsiderate and illegal parking putting children’s safety at risk.

The council plans to fit CCTV equipment to one of its fleet cars, which will be sent to reported hotspots.

Cabinet member for highways and environment Councillor Maria Crompton is set to approve the scheme at her decision-making session on Monday.

She hopes fines issued through the scheme – and the presence of the ‘camera car’ – will deter motorists from parking illegally and improve safety.

Councillor Crompton said: “We know how concerned people are about road safety particularly on routes to and outside schools. This is an issue people keep reporting to us.

“We know most motorists do take care and park legally – but we need to get the message through to the minority who don’t.

“We carried out a trial last year – which was well received by residents, staff and parents when the vehicle was spotted around schools.

“Children’s safety is our top priority, so we plan to introduce this scheme to help keep them safe. Using a car also has the advantage of being able to reach more places and tackle more problems than a parking warden can on foot.

“We hope the car will act as a deterrent and help make sure drivers take the time to find alternative legal parking places so that our children and other road users are not put at risk or obstructed.”