A 25-year campaign for a crossing on a busy road outside a Halesowen school has finally won the green light.

Dudley Council is installing a zebra crossing on Hagley Road for use by the 200 plus children and parents at St Margaret’s at Hasbury CE Primary School.

A 20mph speed limit is also being imposed outside the school, in a bid to stop motorists who currently break the 30mph limit.

Business manager Lynne Clarke said they were “absolutely overjoyed” to have a safe crossing place which would make the lollipop lady’s job less hazardous.

“She does a fantastic job, but walking out into the road to stop the traffic put her in a very vulnerable position and a few years ago she was knocked down and suffered a broken ankle,” said Mrs Clarke.

She added: “It is an extremely busy road and we have had a number of near misses over the years.

“The safety of our children is paramount.”

Belle Vale councillor Donella Russell took up the campaign on behalf of the school and lobbied the council for the crossing and speed reduction.

She and Halesowen North Labour candidate Elizabeth Keenan, whose grandchildren go to the school, started a petition a year ago calling for action.

Cllr Russell said people described the road as a “death trap” and had wanted a crossing for a quarter of a century.

She said: “On numerous occasions the crossing patrol at the school has risked her life by almost being hit on a regular basis whilst in the middle of the road.”