A BURGLAR smashed a conservatory window of a house in Halesowen to steal a television and DVD player to buy drugs.

Timothy Pearson, who caused £300 damage to the property in Blakedown Road and escaped with £150 worth of goods sold them for just £25, a court heard.

The hapless burglar was spotted by a neighbour and is now starting a 20-month prison sentence.

Pearson, of Snowdon Grove, Halesowen, who admitted burglary at Wolverhampton Crown Court, told police he had spent the cash he made on heroin and cocaine.

The court was told the 41-year-old had 29 previous convictions for burglary, violence, theft and drugs.

Rupert Jones, defending, said Pearson had lapsed back into drug use and had high levels of debt at the time of the break-in, which he did on impulse.