CONCERNS "a child will be killed"  has sparked a campaign to stop irresponsible drivers using a Cradley estate as a rat run between Stourbridge and Halesowen.

Staff at Caslon Primary School, the police, residents on the fatherless barn estate and Belle Vale councillor Donella Russell have teamed up to demand action.

Cllr Donella Russell said: "There is a lot of anger on this estate about the roads being used as a cut through from Stourbridge to Halesowen.

"This is causing a danger to the residents that live there as drivers have been witnessed speeding in excess of 60mph down the roads, even near Caslon Primary School.

She added: "People on this estate feel they have been let down by the council as no road safety has been looked at and at the school there is concern a child or parent will end up being killed."

She added: "The school has no crossing or crossing patrol. The residents on this estate struggle to park outside of their own homes and are worried that an accident is waiting to happen either to themselves and their property."

A petition has been organised and is being handed to councillors and council officers at Belle Vale and Hayley Green Community Forum.

Cllr Russell added: "I am going to ask the council to put these roads on teh 20mph routes to school, to slow down the traffic. I also want to see what other speed restrictions that can be done such as speed humps and finally aim ti get a crossing and crossing patrol, to keep the pupils safe.

"These residents feel like they have been forgotten and let down, they really believe that they are not cared about, this attitude needs to be changed."