Bomb disposal experts were called to a rural Romsley lane when a 22-year-old man brought home a live grenade.

The man's mother raised the alarm at around 11.30am on Monday January 8, after finding the device at the bottom of the garden.

Officers from the Royal Logistics Corps attended the house in Dayhouse Bank and carried out a controlled explosion.

Nearby resident Alex Richards was first aware of of what was happening after seeing a bomb disposal van drive past his house.

He said: "Initially I thought it was a police vehicle monitoring the traffic problem in the area and took my camera down.

"It was only when I got to the end of the road and saw the bomb disposal corps I realised what was happening.

"There were several police cars there, making it difficult for traffic to get past."

Police believe the man found the grenade while fishing in Bartley Reservoir the previous day and had mistaken it for a plant pot.