RAMSHACKLE fencing is finally being replaced along a stretch of the M5 at Halesowen to give improved screening to residents.

People living in Woodbury Road have had to put up with noise and visual nuisance from the motorway since the 30-year-old panels started to deteriorate more than 18 months ago.

Fed up homeowners complained a year ago that fencing that had blown down six months earlier and were told by the Highways Agency it would be at least 2014 before they could be replaced.

After pressure from Halesowen North councillor Hilary Bills, the agency re-instated the original panels, but resident Allan Moore said there were still gaps in it.

Householders have now been told the entire length of fencing from junction two at Oldbury to junction three at Halesowen is being renewed and work was due to start this week.

Mr Moore said: “They put the broken fence panels back up last year, but it was still ramshackle.

“It will be quite a big improvement and should reduce the noise as well as at the moment there are gaps in it and it’s uneven.”

The work, which will take until next month to complete, is being carried out at night to avoid causing congestion on the motorway as the nearside lane is being cordoned off.

Cllr Bills said: “I would like to thank the Highways Agency for keeping to its word. After the problems of last year I know the residents will be delighted too.”