COUNCIL officials have admitted development of a greenbelt site in Hunnington is in breach of planning control.

But enforcement action can only be considered after the planning application for an equestrian centre and earthworks has been heard – and that has been put back to June.

Angry neighbours claim they have faced months of noise and dust and other complaints have concerned the felling of trees, bonfires and lorries leaving mud on the road.

There is also evidence that part of the site has been contaminated by invasive Japanese knotweed.

Residents accuse Bromsgrove District Council of “ignoring” their complaints and failing to stop the land in Bromsgrove Road being cleared and a huge hole dug ready to use for landfill.

The council told the News that enforcement will only happen if the planning consent is refused.

Head of planning and regeneration Ruth Bamford said: “There is a breach of planning control in that they have undertaken development in advance of achieving planning permission being achieved, if indeed it is achieved.

“If planning permission is secured then the breach will, by definition, have been addressed.

“If planning permission is not secured then the council will assess its options which may include enforcement action.”

But residents say the damage has already been done – and they still face weeks of noise and nuisance until councillors can make a decision.

Clare Harris, of Bromsgrove Road, said: “The situation is horrendous, it’s really, really bad and, if anything, it’s getting worse.”

Another resident, who does not want to be named, said she was almost at breaking point from the “constant, crashing, banging and shouting”.

Mrs Bamford said residents had been advised on the agencies they can contact for support on highways or noise nuisance issues.

Mrs Harris said their many complaints to the council should have been passed on to the relevant departments and issues which they had directed to environmental services and highways had not been adequately dealt with.