A 37-year-old Halesowen woman who is fighting her second cancer battle has signed up to a fundraising double to boost research into the disease.

Debbie Ringham has entered Cancer Research UK’s 5k Pretty Muddy obstacle course event which takes place for the first time in the region at Birmingham’s Cofton Park on Saturday July 19.

She will also speak on stage at the Race for Life in Cannon Hill Park on Sunday June 29, before joining the event alongside friends and colleagues from the School of Cancer Sciences at Birmingham University, where she works as a research engagement manager for the cancer charity.

Miss Ringham said: “Pretty Muddy looks like great fun and I’m really excited about taking part.

“When I’m splashing and sliding about on the obstacle course, I know I’ll actually feel like I’m slinging a bit of mud at cancer - and that’s something to really look forward to.”

Ms Ringham, who is urging other women and take part in the event, added: “I know what a difference research makes, so I want to make a difference to others in the same position as me by raising money so Cancer Research UK can help even more people survive.

“That’s why I’m urging women in the West Midlands to join Race for Life or Pretty Muddy and get everyone they know involved in fundraising.”

She discovered she had cancer for the second time at New Year, after finding a lump in her breast. – 13 years after treatment for thyroid cancer.

“I am just unlucky to have to fight cancer again. Cancer isn’t fair, and it doesn’t discriminate, so there isn’t any point in getting down about it. I just want to get my own back on it,” she said.

Miss Ringham is currently undergoing a course of chemotherapy before having a mastectomy and further treatment at a later date.

“In my job I spend my life telling people to be alert for the signs of cancer, so it was second nature to me to check myself for lumps. I wouldn’t have found it so soon if I hadn’t checked myself regularly,” she added.