SELF-TAUGHT Oldbury artist Kris Whoosh is celebrating after his work was chosen for an exhibition in Stourbridge.

The exhibition at Red House Glass Cone will run until August 3 and entry is free.

The artist, aged 47, is relatively new to the world of art and exhibition.

He works mainly with acrylic and oils and derives his muses from the world of music and film.

He paints those that have inspired him, and that he admires, and places great emphasis on the role of light and colour within his work.

He said: "I am really proud to see my work at such a wonderful venue like the Red House Cone."

John Millar, director of the urban environment at Dudley Council, which runs the Red House Glass Cone, said:

“This is a beautiful exhibition. The artists all have very different styles and subjects, resulting in an eclectic range of pieces that work together because of their local flavour.

“I’m sure that people visiting the cone will enjoy this exhibition as part of their day out.”

The Red House Glass Cone is open from 10am to 4pm, Monday to Sunday and admission is free.