DOG owners are being invited to get their pooches a free health check in Oldbury.

The PDSA’s Pet Check vehicle will be at Sandwell Christian Centre, Langley Crescent, from 10am until 5pm on Thursday, June 26.

Oldbury was selected by the PDSA to benefit from a pet care roadshow after research showed a large percentage of local pet owners did not fully understand their animals' needs.

PDSA vet nurse Sue Bartlett will examine canine visitors’ weight, body-shape, teeth, eyes, coat and general fitness, as well as offering expert advice on caring for other pets.

Preventive treatments will be on offer at an affordable cost and Cats Protection neutering vouchers will also be available.

Mrs Bartlett said: “I’ve spent the last three weeks visiting schools and groups all across Birmingham.

"It’s clear that people here really love their pets and want the best for them, and by sharing our advice and support I know we can work together to help improve the health and happiness of local pets."

For safety reasons only dogs can be brought along for checks and should be kept on the lead at all times. Full details of all events can be found at