WORKMATES at a Halesowen company gave a fond farewell to a colleague who retired after 50 years service to machine guard manufacturing.

Mick Sabin was described as one of Sponmech Safety Systems Ltd’s “most respected and highly skilled engineers” by marketing assistant William Dunbar-Sheppard.

He said: “We have been incredibly lucky to have had Mick's vast experience and immense ability at the company and hope that just some of his knowledge and wisdom has been passed onto the younger members of the team. “ Mr Sabin started in the industry at the age of 15 and worked for four machine guard manufacturing companies, with the final 10 years at Sponmech’s Hayseech Road factory.

His career included 11 years at Price Machine Guards, another 11 years at Safe Production Systems and 18 years at Print Guard Ltd.

“The longevity of Mick’s working life represents the rise of the machine safety industry as a sustainable and reliable field within manufacturing,” said Mr Dunbar-Sheppard, adding: “Everyone at Sponmech Safety Systems wishes Mick all the best in his retirement.”