THE Prime Minister spoke of the importance of "uncovering wrongdoing" and "learning lessons" about historical child abuse claims concerning Westminster figures during an interview with the Halesowen News.

When asked if the inquiry will establish if Special Branch had files on other MPs as well as Cyril Smith MP and would they be made public the Prime Minister spoke about what he hoped an inquiry would glean. He said: "What we need to do is absolutely get to the bottom of what happened.

"And what we see this afternoon from the Home Secretary Theresa May is three things.

"First of all we need to make sure the police have got the resources to carry out all the investigations necessary, to uncover wrongdoing, if there was wrong doing it should be uncovered and dealt with, no one is above the law."

He added: "Point two, we need to make proper independent inquiry into how these issues were dealt with and that is exactly will be what the Home Secretary will be talking about today."

The PM also wants to widen the remit to include what lessons can be learnt from the Jimmy Savile scandal.

He said: "Third of all lessons to learn, not just about what might have happened in the home office, what lessons can be learned from Jimmy Savile issues, from what happened in Rochdale that those lessons are learnt across Government."

"All these three things will mean a proper independent inquiry into what happened in terms of Home Office and these files, a proper lessons learnt exercise whilst ensuring the police have all the resources they need."

The Home Secretary is due to make a statement to the Commons at 3.30pm today (Monday) about the forthcoming reviews into historic sex abuse claims.