A COMPENSATION claim has still to be settled with Romsley Parish Council after a boy broke his leg on a “dangerous” skateboard ramp.

Charlie Bagley was 13 when he broke his fibula and tibia and dislocated his ankle in the accident at the St Kenelm’s playing fields in August 2011.

The youngster needed surgery and had screws and plates fitted to help the bones heal.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents had previously branded the ramp as dangerous.

It was removed about a month later and new skateboard ramps, costing £23,000, were installed by December 2011.

Charlie’s mum, Lisa Bagley, said a claim had been submitted about six months after the accident but despite an exchange of letters no settlement had yet been made.

She said Charlie was now “back to normal” and added: “I’m quite satisfied with the progress of the claim – I know these things take time.”