HUNDREDS of objections have scuppered plans to build two 21 foot minarets and a dome on a Halesowen mosque.

Dudley Council planning officers refused the application from The Baitul Ghafoor Mosque, Long Lane, before the development control committee stage.

A 225 name petition calling for the application to be refused was handed into Dudley Council and local councillors also registered their objections.

Halesowen North Councillor Karen Shakespeare said: "I am pleased this planning application has been refused and I know local residents will be pleased too.

"The minarets would have had a strong visual impact and would have affected the skyline."

She added: "The Dudley Central Mosque scaled back its plans without any problem to its worshippers, they can enjoy worship without having turrets and domes on the building.

"The Ahmadiyya Muslim Association has done some really good work in the community and it would have been a shame if this application would have had a negative impact with residents."

As well as the visual impact of the new minarets and dome there were also objections the renovation would attract more visitors causing increased noise and traffic.

The Ahmadiyya Mosque opened two years ago after the AMA took over a Methodist church on the site.

Dr Muhammad Ashraf, from the mosque, has vowed to appeal the decision to block the building of the minarets.