VULNERABLE residents in Cradley Heath are being targeted by scammers intent on fleecing cash.

The fraudsters are pretending to be Sandwell Council employees to gain the trust of elderly residents.

Sandwell Councillor Simon Hackett said: "In Cradley Heath on Monday an elderly person was visited by a person claiming they were from Sandwell Council.

"On entering the property they unplugged the phone line which disabled the community alarm and demanded £300.

"They left with £30 and the police and trading standards are investigating."

There have been other instances of bogus Sandwell Council officials visiting homes pretending to be tax inspectors.

Cllr Hackett said: "Trading Standards have advised there is a scam operating where people are receiving calls and visits from someone pretending they are from Sandwell Council and advising they have been paying to much council tax and in the wrong property band.

"They then arrange a visit and ask for £175.00 cash or cheque.

"Police are aware of the scam."