ARCHEOLOGY students from Halesowen College are bringing the town's history alive by unearthing artefacts at the Leasowes Walled Garden.

The college is working closely with Leasowes Walled Garden Trust and the partnership has already led to artefacts including Georgian pottery and a Victorian ring being found.

Environmental Science students will also carry out further research including excavation to find the original furnaces for the heated walls, soil and pollen analysis to recreate the areas of original planting.

They are also planning to create a wildlife pond at the bottom of the orchard area.

Leasowes Park is of historical significance because of the landscaping carried out by poet William Shenstone from 1743 until his death in 1763. The walled garden was added in the 1770s to feed the family and servants of the next owner, Edward Horne.

Elaine Cammies, community participation director at Halesowen College, said: “This is a fantastic project to be involved with.

“Students from a variety of courses are taking part in learning more about the walled garden and it is fantastic experience for their studies and future careers.

“This is an on-going project where there are lots of opportunity to get involved.”

Travel and Tourism students will create a termly newsletter to update visitors on progress and will organise tours for next spring and summer.

Halesowen College is working with two schools in Italy and Spain to boost environmentally friendly tourism – thanks to £18,000 of European Funding.

Pupils from Tambosi-Battisti in Trento, Italy, and Francicso Ayala in Granada are currently in Halesowen and visited the garden.

The college is also celebrating that construction has started on a new £3 million performing arts centre.

The new centre will provide specialist accommodation for both rehearsals and performance of music, drama and dance and is due to open in September next year and is the final phase of Halesowen’s campus developments.

Principal Keith Bate said: “This will provide highly specialist resources and facilities for students giving state of the art, industry and technical experience for the creative arts faculty.

“The new centre is at the heart of the Whittingham campus and will provide a vibrant learning environment that will be unique within the whole area.”