FURIOUS families in Halesowen are demanding footballers stop shouting and screaming during matches claiming it is wrecking their peaceful neighbourhood.

Leasowes High School hire out the pitches at its Greenhill Alternative Learning Centre but residents have reached the end of their tether due to the increased amount of matches and bad language.

Greenhill Road resident Harry Smith said: "During the last three years Leasowes High School, has been increasing its use by football clubs on a Sunday, now they are ruined by five to seven hours of extremely loud shouting by footballers and spectators and the thud of the balls being booted around."

He added: "Not only does this occur during the so called football season but all year round with clubs using the field during the summer months and on weekday evenings there is no break from it at all."

Greenhill Road resident Kath Surplice, who previously claimed her garden was a no-go area because of footballers' foul language, added: "No-one  associated with this field lives in this area, some if not all, the football clubs are not even based in Dudley borough."

She added: "There is no consideration for residents by any of these or the impact on their quality of life on Sunday, or for that matter at any time.

"Do council tax payers, and homeowners, have no rights anymore."

Halesowen North councillor Hillary Bills is a governor at Leasowes High School but sympathises with the residents plight.

She said: “Mr Smith and the Greenhill residents have had a long running dispute with Leasowes High School over the misuse of the pitches.

Leasowes have made many changes including the use of advisory signage about noise, parking and litter and teams are made aware of their responsibilities by signing a hire agreement.

"Owing to excessive noise and bad language, Leasowes has stopped taking bookings from adult teams and the number of pitches has been reduced."

She added: "It would appear to me that whenever we get the conditions sorted, we have a fresh lot of teams and we have to start all over again.

"The only way to settle this is for the residents to meet with Leasowes staff again to try and come to an amicable agreement that works.”