FORGET Charles and Diana, forget Wills and Kate, a Rowley church is holding the wedding of the century - between to lovestruck scarecrows.

St Giles Church is holding the fun ceremony on May Day and are urging people to bring along their own scarecrows to the event.

The Hawes Lane church is raising cash to fund the transformation of its graveyard and gardens including the restoration of war graves.

Joyce Walker, from the church, said: "We thought it would be fun if two Scarecrows got married, however we have to point out it is just a pretend wedding.

"We invite people to make their own scarecrow to bring as a guest and all ages are welcome.

"However, can visitors who have a scarecrow guest, please arrive early to register their scarecrow to avoid long queues."

Other visitors are asked to enjoy the day and donate for the best scarecrow, whoever has raised the most money will win a prize of £25.

Mrs Walker added: "Please note, should the number of visitors exceed the safety limits, a second wedding will take place to avoid disappointment and again a £25 prize will be given.

" All funds raised will go towards St Giles Churchyard Renovation Fund and you can learn more about our proposals for the churchyard by picking up a consultation questionnaire at this event from the church hall on the day."

Rowley is probably unique in having had four different church buildings, all dedicated to St Giles, standing on the same ground within a span of 85 years.

The first known church, a plain stone building was built circa 1200 and stood until 1840.

The fourth and present St. Giles opened in 1923.

The Scarecrow Wedding is being held at 2pm on May Day Bank Holiday.