THE Coombeswood Wedge is a nationally important habitat for birds, a Quinton conservationist declared this week.

John Ebrey believes more recognition should be given to the beauty spot after celebrating Dudley Council's decision to include the wedge in its list of community assets.

He said: "The bird species for which Coombeswood Wedge is particularly important, locally and nationally, are kestrel, song thrush, starling, house sparrow, swift and various migratory warbler species; all of which are listed as "at risk" in terms of conservation concern.

He added: "I visited the Wedge last Monday evening and five different song thrush were in full song in different areas indicating the likelihood of breeding in very significant numbers there.

"This is a familiar and popular garden songbird whose numbers are seriously in decline warranting a red status in the terms of conservation concern."

And Mr Ebrey believes the wedge should become synonymous with the song thrush.

He said: "I cannot think of a better candidate to represent Coombes Wood Wedge for statutory protection from future intrusive development."