ONE special couple made hay whilst the sun shone on May Day in Rowley - the lovestruck scarecrows married at St Giles Church.

Guests flocked to the Rowley church on Bank Holiday Monday with scarecrows to swell the congregation.

The wedding was so popular the service had to be delayed as queues of well-wishers waited to be seated.

Joyce Walker, form the church, said: "The scarecrow wedding was a wonderful event which really brought the community together.

"Children were invited to take part in the story of how the couple made their wedding plans and the adults joined in with the fun with collective ooh's and aah's for the romantic hugs and kisses.

"Reverend Ian Shelton emphasised that although the couple and their clothes were not perfect the special reason for their marriage was love and he blessed the couple."

She added: "The wedding guests left the church dancing up the isle for the reception in the church hall to the music of Aunt Sally from Wurzel Gummridge A Cup O Tea an A Slice O Cake."

Twenty people entered the competition for the best scarecrow.

Voting took place with people donating cash for their choice of the best scarecrow and Enid Hadley raised £79 with her scarecrow called Grandma No Body and the total raised on the day was £599.76 and Halesowen and Rowley Rotary Club also donated £100.

Mrs Walker added: "Thank you to all who attended and donated giving us a good start towards our fund raising for the restoration project of St Giles Churchyard.

"If anyone wants to have a view of how changes could take place, they are welcome to complete a consultation questionnaire."

Telephone the parish office for more information on 0121 559 3133

Rowley is probably unique in having had four different church buildings, all dedicated to St Giles, standing on the same ground within a span of 85 years.

The first known church, a plain stone building was built circa 1200 and stood until 1840.

The fourth and present St. Giles opened in 1923.