STUNNING images have been taken of last night’s Harvest Moon from the vantage point of Clent Hills.

Reader Peter Lopeman, of Cradley Heath, walked up the local landmark to achieve beautiful shots of the moon shining bright over Halesowen and west Birmingham.

But what is a Harvest Moon?

It is the name given to the first full moon that takes place closest to the Autumn equinox and comes from when farmers would need to start gathering in crops to prepare for the winter months.

The full moon would light up the night sky and give them more light to work with – allowing them to gather in the crops in time for winter.

For us in the Northern Hemisphere, the Harvest Moon rose late this year, as it usually occurs before the equinox in September.

The moon turns a deep orange when it is close to the horizon. It's because you are seeing it through the thickness of the Earth's atmosphere that can cause it to change colour slightly.

When it gets up into the centre of the sky, it shines a brilliant white.

Both of these colours are shown beautifully in Peter’s photographs.

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