A QUINTON animal charity is offering owners the chance to vaccinate their dogs and cats at a reduced rate during June in support of National Vaccination Month.

The PDSA's PetAid hospital is offering the first vaccination course for dogs and cats of eligible clients for the cost of a booster.

There are millions of unvaccinated dogs and cats in the UK at risk of potentially fatal diseases, such as distemper, feline leukaemia and parvovirus.

This March PDSA vets recorded around 300 new cases of suspected parvovirus, which shows that this highly infectious and deadly dog disease is present in the UK and poses a real threat to unvaccinated dogs.

PDSA vets hope that this initiative will limit the spread of preventable diseases.

PDSA senior veterinary surgeon, Elaine Pendlebury, said: “Vaccinating your pet against preventable disease is a vital part of responsible pet care and could save your pet’s life.

“Every year PDSA vets treat hundreds of pets suffering from illnesses and infections that a vaccination could have prevented.

"It is heart-breaking for the owners, who in many cases simply didn’t realise the dangers facing their unvaccinated pets.”

The charity is urging eligible clients to book their pets in as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Visit www.pdsa.org.uk or call 0800 917 2509 for details.