YOUNG Muslims in Halesowen and Cradley Heath have joined in the condemnation of the anti-Islam film Innocence of Islam, but have also denounced the “disproportional” reaction that has resulted in a number of deaths across the world.

In a statement the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association described the continuing rage as “un-Islamic.”

Toby Ephram, a volunteer outreach worker for the association, said: “The Prophet Muhammad is the example par-excellence for Muslims and in the face of abuse directed at himself always reacted peacefully.”

He added: “It would be unfortunate if the perception of the Prophet Muhammad was shaped by the fleeting anger of pockets of Muslims in distant lands and not by the tireless efforts of thousands of loyal British Muslims for the betterment of this great nation.”

Mr Ephram said the association acknowledged the American-made film was a “vile and reprehensible” attack on the founder of a world religion and was an exploitation of the right to free speech.

“The film represents a grossly unprincipled use of the right to freedom of speech and a flagrant attempt to incite the emotions of a large proportion of the world,” he said.