PEOPLE across the borough are being asked to turn out their lights next month as a mark of respect to the servicemen and women who died for their country during the First World War.

The 'Lights Out' initiative will take place on Monday August 4 between 10pm and 11pm to coincide with the start of the war 100 years ago.

A candlelight commemorative service will take place at the Clock Tower in Priory Street opposite Dudley Museum and Art Gallery, from 9.50pm when people will be invited to light candles in a moment of reflection, hope and peace.

Councillor Margaret Aston, Mayor of Dudley, said: "The ‘Lights Out’ event is a perfect opportunity for people to come together and reflect on this important date. The service allows people to mark the occasion and remember those who fought for us all those years ago.”

The Lights Out initiative is a national event led by the Royal British Legion which hopes a million candles will be lit across the UK.

The theme of the campaign is taken from the words of Sir Edward Grey, Britain’s foreign secretary at the time of the declaration of the First World War.

On the evening before war was declared, Sir Edward watched gas lamps being lit in London and realised the inevitable fighting would leave a dark shadow across the continent for many years.

He summed up his fears and pain at failing to prevent the conflict at the time when he said: “The lamps are going out all over Europe; we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime.”

People unable to attend the commemorative borough service in Dudley can show their respect by simply turning out lights and lighting a candle in memory of those who died for their country between 1914 and 1918.

A limited edition RBL centenary candle is available from M&S for £4. All profits will be donated to the legion.