A MEDAL ceremony has been staged to honour Halesowen Scouts who achieved their own Olympic glory.

The district’s eight Scout groups joined together to organise 15 Olympic sporting and cultural events throughout the year.

Armed with an Olympic passport that was stamped at each event, more than 150 boys and girls aged between 10 and 15 took part in archery, climbing, orienteering and volley ball earlier in the year.

They held their own opening ceremony in March when more than 90 Scouts made flaming Olympic torches and carried them in relay to the top of Kinver Hill.

Next up was a camping competition, including a cook-off' between Scout teams cooking on open fires, followed by an athletics event,a cross country run and canoeing.

Reflecting the original Greek Olympic Games which included artistic and cultural activities, the Scouts also took part in a chess competition, a cooking challenge and made their own leather woggles and arm bands.

Gold, silver and bronze medals were presented to more than 50 Scouts at a ceremony at The Earls High School last Saturday (November 10) by Halesowen’s Paralympian bronze medal wheelchair tennis star Jordanne Whiley.