Hilston Avenue residents Heather Haycock, Councillor Donella Russell, David Connop and Keith Morrison.

THIS winter’ heavy rain has caused residents from one Halesowen road to call for the sandbags.

Homes have been flooded in Hilston Avenue and Dudley Council is set to look into creating flood defences to prevent the regular damage to households.

Belle Vale councillor Donella Russell helped organise sandbags for the flooded residents from Dudley Council.

She said: “The bad weather and freak rain storms has brought misery residents.

“Hilston Avenue residents are getting fed up of their houses and garages getting flooded due to the rain.”

Despite the council cleaning the drains regularly there is now demand for a new system to protect the homes.

Cllr Russell said: “When there is flash flooding the drains have been unable to take away the vast amount of water that arrives with it flooding out the residents houses.

“We need to look at making a change to the pipelines and find a place where the water can be filtered away to from the properties.

“Whilst we are looking into finding this sandbags have been provided to residents to reduce the impact of flood damage to properties.“