GLOBAL justice supporters from Halesowen lobbied the town’s MP as part of an anti-hunger crusade.

A 20-strong group met James Morris to highlight the Enough Food for Everyone - If campaign calling for a halt on issues like tax avoidance by multi-national companies and the maintenance of the international aid budget.

Global justice group chairman Ernest Cruchley said: “One in eight of the world’s population go hungry and more than two million children die every year from malnutrition.”

Mr Morris added: “Taking action to tackle global hunger is not only morally necessary, but is also in Britain’s commercial and security interest.”

Mr Morris told the group he was “proud” the Government was taking action to ensure multi-nationals pay their fair share of tax in the UK and taking a lead role to help stop artificial tax havens being used to avoid paying tax due in developing countries that desperately need the income.

The group will follow up its campaign by targeting the G8 meetings in the UK in June.