THE memorial orchard garden at St Peter’s Church in Cradley is almost ready for planting.

Volunteers worked throughout last year to clear the area being used for the garden of weeds and undergrowth.

The church is now inviting the people of Cradley sponsor a tree in memory of a loved one or loved ones.

There will also be an area where bulbs and shrubs can be planted in memory of unborn children who have been lost through miscarriage.

Reverend Katryn Leclézio, vicar of St Peter’s Church, believes the unborn children section of the garden will be a poignant reminder for parents.

She said: “In my mother’s generation, miscarriages were almost taboo to talk about.

"The loss of an unborn child was barely acknowledged and no space was given to grieve the hopes and dreams of losing a child but thankfully things have changed and we realise how much losing an unborn child affects us.

She added: “At St Peter’s Church we are wanting to create a space where people who have lost loved ones and unborn loved ones to be able to come 24 hours, seven days a week to grieve, to find comfort in God’s presence in that place.

"We will also hold memorial services from time to time for our unborn children so that they may be acknowledged and so that we may grieve their unfulfilled potential and find peace.”

The orchard will eventually be full of fruit trees which will hopefully live on to give future generations pleasure.

The cost of a tree will be £262 for buying, planting, and upkeep and people can also instal a small, rustic memorial slate in memory of a loved one with name and dates.

For more information about having a fruit tree planted in memory of a loved one can contact Reverend Leclézio on 01384 411383 or email