TWO INTREPID Sandwell Council workers are tackling the infamous mud, blood and guts Tough Guy challenge this weekend.

Matt Johnson and Tom Davies are braving the notoriously hard Tough Guy assault course in Wolverhampton on Sunday for charity.

The pair are hoping to raise over £500 for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and are using the fundraising as a spur to become tough guy tough.

Matt, who is also doing the London Marathon and Three Peaks Challenge to mark his 40th birthday this year, said: "Tom and I have been training for the event by running around Sandwell - mainly along the canals near Oldbury and Tipton.

"We haven't come across any burning bales of hay yet to practice running through."

"We've not done an event like this before and it is quite scary thinking about it. I stupidly watched a video of a previous event and wish I hadn't as I'm having nightmares thinking about it."

The Rowley Regis dad of one added: "This sounded a great idea a few months ago but now that it’s nearly here it doesn’t sound that appealing.

"We will be running and jumping through burning bales of hay, wading for half a mile up to our necks through freezing cold water, crawling under barbed wire, crawling through tunnels submerged in icy water, complete a massive assault course with cargo nets, huge A frames, rope crossings as well as running through electrified barbs and a 15km run."

Cystic fibrosis is a life-shortening disease, affecting almost 10,000 people in the UK, and there is presently no cure and raising money for the CFT is helping the pair train harder.

Matt said: "Thinking about how much we've raised will help us get over the obstacles and get to the finish line."

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